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nurul ida.
sadly,20 thisyear.

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30 December 2008

to dearest SHEENA! happy belated 19th birthday biatch! miss you loads babe!
:)))))))))))))))) MUAH!

to dearest LITTLE BROTHER! happy 11th birthday! suke dapat handphone?? hahaha. love you loads!!!!
:))))))))))))))))) MUAH!

♥ whatcharliesaid. 1:10:00 AM

29 December 2008

WHEEEE.......!!!!! :)

yup. got back from KL on the 26 :) i really had fun with my family. they are nuts! hahaha. we went Sunway Lagoon, Petaling Street, KLCC, Sogo, mom and dad took the Dirt Ride, sister went for the Flying Fox, poor little bro, he can't get on most of the rides due to age, height and weight. hahaha. but we had fun though :) oh, oh! we had Sushi Buffet :) Alip called it sushi-bergerak! hahaha. cuteness. it was filling. oh! i bought RAIN'S 5TH ALBUM :) hot, hot, HOT! got his posters. hahaha. love it. had ben&jerry's moment, had maggi noodles; hahaha, had J.CO donuts :), didn't get to have SUBWAY. urgh! wasted! hahaha. oh! we didn't get to ride the SkyRide as well. BOO-HOO! hahaha. but whatever it is, holiday was so much fun! shopping was the best! EVER. lost some money :( and i'm not gonna talk about it :\ URGH! yeah. thank you mama and abah :) LOVES!!!!!!

♥ whatcharliesaid. 5:40:00 PM

the reason why i can't use the internet lately is because some settings was accidentally change under my Norton firewall, stating that the connection was limited larh....bla bla bla. anyway, I'M BACK! YEAY-NESS!!!

OMS Camp -

well, it was okay. i think it was abit draggy? on the first day, guess how many people turn up? hrm..... it was me, kak rye, umairah, hamizah, azura, the cooks; zul and abg azmi, abg nizam, abg rom.... and yah. that was it. it was till 8/9 wen people start to appear. hahaha. i was label as the indonesian maid. thanks :) slept at ard 3 plus? the second day? we had games, and everyone was waiting for the captain's ball. it was like the major part among other games. hahaha. we had passing the rubber bands, the marbles, and of course, the CAPTAIN'S BALL. hahaha. it was very fun. hrm..... the old chap won, AGAIN. never mind youths! we never give up! it was fun just watching abg ibrahim, abg azlan and abg azmi play; hehehe. the field did look quite FULL. hahaa. it was fun. we had barbeque after the games. FOOD! credits to abg azmi and zul for the most simple and delicious potato salad. LOVE IT!!!!!! :) had some photos taken. congrats to daniel and ashirah for the chairman and chairwomen post! wuhooo! organize a better camp ya? :) thank you to all the seniors for making this camp! :))

thank you :)

♥ whatcharliesaid. 5:20:00 PM

18 December 2008

been watching RAIN'S video clips since noon. he's hot, cute, can dance, can sing, can act, can host! i won't ask for anything more, but I SERIOUSLY WANT TO MEET RAIN! much hotter than myBABYLOVE. haha!

i've not yet pack for tomorrow's orchestra camp :\ kak rye; adorable; okay,can i go thorugh with you what i'm going to bring tomorrow. haha. she started typing on what she's gonna wear and all. hahaha. i mean, as for me, i can't be bothered. just pack whatever essentials you need. hahaha. she wants a korean husband. anyone, anyone? hahaha. i'm so bored. totally like a pig. i'm lazy to leave the house, kept munching food, going back and forth to the kitchen.... hahaha. FAT FAT FAT! got bored so i edited pictures of me. hehe. sent it over to hafiz. haha. no shame nurul!

♥ whatcharliesaid. 9:30:00 PM

had family outing yesterday; movie. before the movie, we had BK :) yum-yum! shared the chicken burger with raudha, onion rings, etc. BOLT was fun and exciting :) loved it. thank you parents for the movie :)

♥ whatcharliesaid. 3:39:00 PM

thank you so much hafiz for the late night supper. loves! muah! :*

♥ whatcharliesaid. 2:05:00 AM

16 December 2008

hey-ho! met myBABYLOVE yesterday :) he drag me out of the house, ask me to accompany him to go for a jog. hahaha. tried escaping; is it raining? hahaha.

actually, thank you. if you didn't drag me out, i don't really know when again, i will go for a jog. i want to go cycling larh! boo-hoo! go get you tyre pump ya. then we can cycle together.

thank you! saranghae!

♥ whatcharliesaid. 5:22:00 PM

whuuuuwheee! as promise, with bandmates, SENTOSA outing on the 14th Dec, Sunday :) noreen text msg says to meet up at 9.30, but expected larh hor. some people were late :) hahaha. so, it was around 10.30am we left the MRT station and went to Giant. bought some chips and drinks. oh! sheena was also late. we met her at the ticket counter :) bought tickets for her. then we're off to Pahlawan Beach :) god was not on our side that day. i was hoping that the sun would shine, but no! it was rather cloudy and drizzling thought :( anyway, we lay our mat UNDER this tent. i guess the day before they had some event? idk. then we settle down, and had noreens' nasi goreng.

so, we brought along.......
noreen : green nasi goreng :)
fadhli : bake potato with mushrooms, tomato, beef, onions and chili sauce on it :)
fazillah : egg mayo sandwhich :)
nurul (me) : kuay teow cockles, mat, twister, uno :)

nabil : egg mayo and sardine sandwhich, volleyball :)
fian : chips :)

sheena : soft drinks :)
joanna : utensils cum camera women :)
haziq : yogurt drinks, haha :)
firli : mat :)

li koon : herself :)
khai : camera 'boy' :)
fahmi : himself :)

we had games! hahaha. captains' ball, flag down, twister, uno-babi, police and murderer, etc. hahahahah! we ate alot ya.... the game of the day was captains' ball :) most of us cheated, i pull firlis' pants, noreen was like wonder women (rough hor that kakak!), i kept puling haziqs' towel, oh! oh! fian was a classic. what is the use of that long fingers of yours but you can't even catch the ball?? hahaha. watching fian was funny. hahaha. we set rules, but we cheated. hahaha. it was super fun. i like! laugh too much actually :) hah!

oh! we buried firli and fazillah. firli was shaped to a sexy merm
aid with big boobs, a pregnant tummy and scrotum :) hahaha. fazillah was suppose to be the buddha, but running out of time. heh! plan was to take louge ride before headed home, but time constrain :( me and fazillah really want to ride louge hor........... hahaha. anyway, had dinner before head home. i had fun people. thank you for coming!!!!


♥ whatcharliesaid. 1:11:00 PM

13 December 2008

nothing to do ya. today is saturday already :) meeting myBABYLOVE. yepeee....! can't wait for tomorrow either! Sentosa Outing with bandmates :) YEAY-NESS! i'm sure we will have LOADS of fun. of course, DEAREST GEREK PEOPLE :) cooking fried kuay teow cockles for them :) MUST BRING TWISTER ALONG. haha. i want to see firli fall. hahahaaaa.

anyway, ever since semester break start, as usual, been slacking, eating and sleeping like a pig. i am seriously getting fatter. haha. keep saying wanna lose weight? hahahaha. never ya. hahahaha. gosh. bored to death. hafiz went chalet. so, ya. boys and all. will be meeting moon-nurse soon :) bridge leader meeting. bleargh :\

can't find a tagboard. I WANT TAGBOARD!!!!

♥ whatcharliesaid. 12:36:00 AM

11 December 2008

testing 1,2,3. hey-ho! new blog, new gossips :) nurul here. will keep this updated soon :)

♥ whatcharliesaid. 7:28:00 PM